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The laboratory reports published on NicoLeaks are nicotine pouch products made available to consumers. All tests are performed by the accredited and independent laboratory Eurofins in Sweden. The tests entail a comprehensive set of parameters, testing for listed and non-listed ingredients that nicotine pouches may contain. The list of tested substances has been determined to ensure that specific standards are followed and to provide a better understanding of the content of each product. Below you can find an explanation of how products have been colour marked. Products are tested as they enter the market, and the test results are continuously available here on NicoLeaks.

How products are marked after tests and what it means

When a product has been tested, the laboratory reports are published with an indication and colour marking of the nicotine level and pH value. The indication and colour are based on the product standard Haypp Group follows and encourages all suppliers to follow.

Product approved

If a product is marked with green, the value listed is within the recommended limit for either nicotine per pouch or the pH value.

Product warning

If a product is marked with yellow, the value is higher than the recommended level. However, it is either within the error margin of the laboratory testing or moderately more elevated than the recommended level. A somewhat higher value on a product results in a probational period to find a way to lower the values to come within the recommended levels.

If a product is marked with red, it means the value is higher than recommended levels or that other parameters in the laboratory report have led to the conclusion that the product is not considered reliable and should not be available for consumers.

Standards and recommended levels

The standards Haypp Group supports and abide by, beyond existing laws and regulations, are meant to attain and foster a sustainable product and market development within the oral nicotine category. The Swedish Institute for Standards – SIS – the Swedish standardization body and member of both CEN and ISO, has published a technical specification for nicotine-containing, tobacco-free oral products called SIS/TS 72:2020. Together with the Supplier Code of Conduct of Haypp Group and related Marketing and Product Standards, it provides guidelines and recommendations for the industry to follow.

Recommended nicotine level

> The maximum recommended total amount of nicotine per consumable, e.i. per pouch, it shall be 20 mg of nicotine.

The value of 20 mg per pouch is a firm limit. If a product has a higher amount of nicotine, the product shall, in all situations, be marked red. A value below the limit shall be marked as green.

Recommended pH value

> The maximum pH value of the consumable shall be 9.1 unless a risk assessment of the final product is made which supports the pH used.

> The minimum pH value of the consumable shall be 5.6 unless a risk assessment of the final product is made which supports the pH used.

The pH range between 5.6 and 9.1 is considered to be marked green.

The product is marked yellow if the test result shows a pH value higher than 9.1 but below 10.0. However, the product supplier is given a probational period to lower the pH value. Haypp Group works actively with the supplier to remedy the product's shortcomings during this period. The product will, after the probational period, be tested again. At no time will we risk our consumers being exposed to unreliable products.

If the pH value exceeds 10.0, the product will be marked red and not sold through Haypp Group's channels.

Why test products?

Presently there is a lack of regulation for newer types of nicotine products, and foremost the rapidly growing segment of oral nicotine products called nicotine pouches. More traditional oral nicotine products, such as chewing tobacco and the Swedish snus, have national and EU regulations in place. However, such laws and regulations do not cover nicotine-containing, tobacco-free oral products; this is why the products are tested.

Various assumptions and preconceived notions also affect the conversation about nicotine pouches. The open compilation of laboratory reports which NicoLeaks publishes forms a solid foundation for factual and concrete discussions. This is another reason why the products are tested.

Share the knowledge

Haypp Group wants to be able to increase the transparency as well as knowledge around nicotine pouches. Therefore, all reports are shared openly so that also, e.g., authorities and health activists can gain access to the results. Through increased transparency and enhanced collaboration, we believe in sustainable category growth, giving consumers reliable choices.

Laboratory Eurofins in Lidköping

The independent laboratory Eurofins makes the tests and is part of a group with over 800 laboratories worldwide. The Eurofins’ laboratory in Lidköping, Sweden, is an expert centre for testing oral nicotine products.

Apart from nicotine and pH values, the products are tested for a broad range of parameters, including listed ingredients and foreign substances. This includes, for example, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA), Arsenic (As), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Benzo(a)pyrene, Chromium (Cr) and Nickel (Ni).

By testing products made available to consumers, Haypp Group aims to ensure that the nicotine pouches marketed and sold via our channels meet the criteria consumers expect of nicotine pouches produced by a reliable manufacturer. Also, if products are sold through other retailers, both online and physical, the laboratory reports offer them an opportunity to educate not only themselves but also their customers.

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